GRC maintains two year-round buying offices for members of the Alaskan Placer Gold Mining community and we are standing members of the Alaskan Mining Association. We have clients from Nome, Coldfoot, Central, Chicken, Manley and British Columbia.


Native gold from Alaska is diverse in its concentration of precious metals. The gold and silver content can vary immensely form one mining location to another. That’s why accurate assaying is crucial to receiving the best results. Our analytical division is now accepting ore samples for precious metals determinations. Please see the analytical services page for more information. We offer reasonable fees and fast service.

When it comes time to refine and sell your gold, GRC offers advance & immediate payment and rapid processing of your lot. If you like, a free pool account will be maintained so you may sell your metal when you decide.

The materials we refine are:

  • Placer Gold

  • Concentrates

  • Black Sands