Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

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Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

The CBCA, is designed to detect and deter terrorists in Canada and abroad. The Act, required by the Department of the Treasury, prescribes regulations that establish minimum standards for the identification and verification of customers that provide precious metals for refining and subsequent sale.

The regulations require manufacturers, refiners, wholesalers, retailers, or any other entity engaged in the business of purchasing and selling precious metals, precious stones, or jewelry to obtain certain information such as the name, physical address, and government issued identification number for the client.

Refining lots cannot be settled for any customers until the CBCA form is filled out and returned to GRC. Payments will be made only to the Company/Person listed on the CBCA Form. (A new payee requires a new form to be completed and signed.)

Please note: Customer information is kept entirely confidential. This information will not be shared with anyone outside of our company and federal law requires us to safeguard customer personal information. The only time the information is released is when the Department of Treasury officially requests the forms.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 800-725-1301.

AML Compliance Form

  • Are you in compliance with the CBCA (Canadian Business Corporation Act) and its Anti-Money Laundering regulations, or are you exempt?
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